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Creating a Blueprint for Personal and Business Success

Individuals generally display a tendency to resonate to their natural “base-note” in the way they interact with their world. This is the Self-Concept: the behavioural blue-print which creates a comfortable place to inhabit—without having to give life too much thought.

Discovering the base-note is the first step—directing untapped potential to a higher pitch is the score.

By using Hogan Assessment Systems to unearth and explore the individual’s carefully constructed self-concept, it becomes possible to reconstruct a more positive, powerful blue-print which is fully equipped to embrace change in both a personal and a business setting.

Key Change Training has spent eighteen years researching, developing and proving a number of dynamic, cutting edge personal and business development programmes—while at the same time building a consortium of specialist talent to coach, train and perfect individual and team development.

With a solid reputation for excellence, KCT specialises in the field of life & business development—focusing on coaching, career & business change, accurate recruitment and (just as importantly) the retention and development of leaders and star players.

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change.

Charles Darwin

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The programme … was the most effective learning environment of its type I have ever experienced.

Nicky McClure, Edinburgh

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