What our customers have to say about us…

Simon Turner
HR & Training Manager
Sales & Marketing, adidas Area North

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Suzie Sharpe since July 2007 and I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who is focused on developing their people.

In my eleven years with the adidas Group, I have rarely seen anyone make such an individual impact on our people… right from the initial impact of working with our MIS community through to the successful ‘Winners Secret’ course which is now a monthly feature of our training & development calendar (that cuts across all departments and all levels of professional, managerial and executive).

In offering a recommendation for the work that Suzie Sharpe consistently delivers, the key value-added element is quite simply down to the fact that Suzie makes it her business to fully understand our people and our business needs.

However, there is so much more to Suzie Sharpe in my eyes than the work she has initiated across the adidas Group. Suzie is always friendly, approachable, hardworking and relentless in her commitment to sustaining a bottom line impact (both growing people and growing the number). Moreover, she has a spectacular habit of developing positive working relationships with everyone she comes into contact with.

Finally, Suzie is lively and incredibly energetic, blessed with peerless enthusiasm which then manifests itself in all others who surround her… this is her unrivalled and unique feature! It remains a genuine pleasure to have the support of Suzie’s focused, yet totally flexible approach. May I take this opportunity to thank you for all the fantastic work you have done for the adidas Group in developing our people… you are in a different class!

Samantha Wakeham
Customer Services Administrator
Rockport UK

Thank you so much for your inspiration and energy on ‘The Winners Secret’ yesterday. Sometimes we lose our focus, what our drive truly is—I was stranded, routinely dipping my feet, on a daily basis, in the tropical waters of my island, not looking out for ventures new nor having a specific idea of the path I want to carve.

Events leading up to and culminating in yesterday’s course have truly given me the thought drop that I so needed! I have a clear thought of where I want to go… Well… at least the direction I will choose to take until the wind allows me to tack or jibe onto a different ocean current!

Thanks again for a wonderful day and for the inspiration both yourself and Yasmin provided by the bucket full!

Jayne Rowley
Publishing Director
Graduate Prospects Ltd, Manchester

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the work you’ve done with our organisation with respect of Max Focus. In the last twelve months, the organisation and its individual members have been transformed both professionally, and in many cases, personally by the programme.

As a coach, you have worked with every member of the organisation on one-to-one level. This personal involvement—combined with your skill and passion for the subject has won over even the most negative of our colleagues. I don’t believe there is an individual within the business who would not happily admit that this has had a positive impact on them, their well being and their relationships with peers and managers.

If the maxim holds true that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, then the progress our ‘parts’ have made will make for a fantastic ‘whole’.

The coaching, support and insights you have given to me, a director of and leader within the business have benefited me almost beyond measure, for which you have my heartfelt thanks and lasting gratitude. I would endorse and recommend the programme to any organisation as a worthwhile and profitable investment.

Rowan Hitchins
Legal Counsel

Thank you so much for the thoroughly enjoyable, life changing course today. The content was perfect and you are both excellent at explaining the topics and getting us to focus as there was a lot to cover in just one day!

I honestly don’t recall ever attending a training course that was as motivating as this one. It feels empowering to know that you—and only you—are able to change something that is negative and holding you back somehow, despite the fact that it may have been part of your self concept for a substantial period of time. It makes total sense to me that by focusing on what we want to achieve and maintaining a positive approach, we can become happier people.

James Brien
Key Account Merchandise Manager

Admittedly, I was a little apprehensive before the day but I found it thoroughly thought provoking, motivational and hugely enjoyable. In fact, I’d go as far to say that it’s the best course I’ve attended at adidas.

Janet Alaimo
Legal Secretary

I thought I would share with you the fact that The Winner’s Secret has made a massive difference in my approach to absolutely everything. I’ve applied for a difernet job within adidas and got a promotion since the workshop! My personal life is also on the up as I’m much more confident and I think it must show. These workshops are fantastic and should be made compulsory!

The Winner’s Secret has genuinely changed my mindset from how it used to be and this has allowed me to look forward and believe in myself a lot more.

David Roberts MCIPD
Learning & Development Consultant
Masterlease (UK) Ltd

Suzie Sharpe has worked with Masterlease for over five years on a variety of initiatives at both the individual and group level.

Her workshops continually inspire, motivate and challenge individuals to reflect on what is possible. Participants, without exception, are moved by her infectious enthusiasm, knowledge and delivery style, which draws on metaphors to bring a practical understanding to concepts and issues.

In a series of group coaching sessions, Suzie has achieved remarkable results and positive feedback from individuals and their managers—demonstrating an ability to support both equally during the coaching process.

If you are looking to retain the status quo, choose another supplier. If you want forward thinking, motivated, empowered staff—Suzie comes highly recommended.

Mark Singleton
UK Operations Manager
Masterlease Ltd

Managing a busy team in an ever-changing environment has many complex challenges. It was crucial to me and the business to ensure my team was not only prepared for change but actually embraced it.

Suzie Sharpe made an impact on the team right from the first session; it was fascinating to see the changes. They came out enthused, energetic and clearly excited about the journey they were about to embark upon. They started working more closely as a team and understood their strengths and weaknesses. The management feedback after each session allowed me to develop a sound strategy, embracing the team as a whole. As the course progressed, there was a real belief that change was actually a good thing.

I’m now in the enviable position of having to manage a team of people who are looking forward to the future and new opportunities, pressing management to fulfil their own personal development plans.

I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending Key Change Training—and thank Suzie for all her help, encouragement and ongoing support.

Keith Davies
Supply Chain Development Manager
Defence Aviation Repair Agency (DARA)

As supply chain development manager I am very conscious of the requirement for me to maintain excellent relationships with all the departments here at DARA. It was essential therefore that a culture of self-preservation and mistrust was addressed.

The Max Focus programme presented by Suzie Sharpe began with some self-analysis. Understanding my own behaviour and learning how to control my emotions brought immediate benefits in all of my personal relationships as well as professional ones. Awareness of choice and control over my future improved my self-confidence and positivity, which produced tangible results in my interactions with everyone.

As each of us experienced the same journey of self-awareness, we developed an ability to understand the behaviours of others—and putting that behaviour into context before emotionally reacting brought about a dramatic reduction in conflict and finger pointing. Honest feedback and open discussion are now prevalent, with individuals confident that interactions with each other will be open, productive, professional, friendly and supportive.

Suzie’s obvious desire to make a difference is infectious. She met some initial trepidation with a dogged determination and passion—providing indisputable evidence of my own behaviour and encouraging me to believe that I could choose my responses, my behaviour and my future.

Since the Max Focus programme and subsequent development, I am absolutely certain that I will be instrumental in enhancing the effectiveness of my organisation, and that the colleagues with whom I deal are of the same mind.

Paul Oates
Defence Aviation Repair Agency (DARA)

Working with Suzie has enabled me to make significant changes in my life. The understanding and perspective that the program promotes has led to me experiencing less anxiety and stress and more enjoyment and satisfaction with life. The quality of my relationships both at home and at work have improved immensely.

The program has allowed me to dream again and left me much better equipped to achieve those dreams. It’s difficult for me to sum up how brilliant working on me has been over the last few months. I feel incredibly privileged to have had your support and guidance and thank you for ‘giving me permission’.

Dave Butcher
Director of Development
Blue Systems Ltd

I can confirm that Blue Systems has worked with Key Change Training on a number of occasions since 2005, during which time an excellent service in coaching was provided—which helped give structured direction to the individuals within the business, allowing them to work better as teams and on their own.

The work that Key Change Training has done has helped our business adopt a new approach—which has been key to delivering successs within the business.

I can confidently recommend the services of Key Change Training as a solid, reliable supplier and most certainly experts in this field.

Diane Evans
Gateway Team Leader
Employment & Regeneration Partnership

I first engaged the services of Suzie Sharpe as a contractor approximately three years ago. Her experience as a trainer fitted the criteria required at the time exactly. She had designed and written programmes specifically for the socially excluded sector and for the trainers involved in facing the ‘front line’ of this client group. Attitude Reconstruction Training as designed to empower Employment Training Consultants in order that they were fully equipped to deal with the complex personal and social issues of this particular client group, which includes a high percentage of ex-offenders, drug and alcohol misusers and those with minimal educational and life skills.

The programme was easily translated from the training team to the needs of the client group. The exercises and materials enabled the training teams to get behind the self-protective barriers put in place by the individuals in order to reconstruct a more positive attitude and a need to progress. Instead of simply supplying the methods of how to get work, ART training encourages and motivates the individual into wanting to find work and the need to build a life for themselves. In The Pathfinder Centre the training resulted in increased outcomes of clients into either work or education from 25% to a massive 60% over a period of six months. A similar level of success was also achieved across other sites in Greater Manchester, such as Beswick and Wythenshawe.

On a personal note, Suzie Sharpe was a popular member of the team. Her enthusiasm and vitality is contagious with staff and clients alike, and her sense of humour manages to lighten the most stressed of working situations. Many of her clients and all of the training team still remain in close contact with her and I consider her a trusted and valued colleague. I recommend her most highly to any training provider considering using her consultancy services.

Chris Beckett
Project Manager
Partnership 2000

Suzie was recommended to me by one of my colleagues as a short term replacement to cover for staff shortages and lack of available trainers to cover for the planned group work sessions at HMP Buckley Hall.

I met with Suzie who at the time was delivering to the Gateway clients at Step Ahead, one of the Employment and Regeneration Partnership offices in East Manchester.

Suzie was initially booked to cover ten sessions delivering the session plans already devised—these included application form completion, interview techniques, action planning and disclosure of a criminal record. During these sessions Suzie used her own techniques and skills to motivate the prisoners to not only attend these sessions but to participate in what can in all honesty be quite dull sessions.

The work that has been done with this group has pleased me to such an extent that even now I have a full strength team, I continue to use Suzie for many sessions.

Jackie Aston
Employment Training & Resettlement Consultant
Employment & Regeneration Partnership

As an Employment Training & Resettlement Consultant working within HMP Buckley Hall and HMP Manchester, I had occasion to work with Suzie Sharpe. Over the eleven week course, I found Suzie to be extremely committed to this challenging role, as the demands placed upon her by this client group required her to be extremely adaptable and resourceful in her approach.

Working with this particular client group—women of various ages with an underlying range of serious personal history and issues is challenging and far from easy. However, Suzie proved herself to be enthusiastic, inspirational and fun in her approach to the programme. Her style of delivery not only won the group over but also gave them a feeling of self-belief, self-worth and motivation not previously experienced by them.

Jason Kelleher
Business Analyst
Masterlease Group

Suzie’s persona oozes such enthusiasm that it will be difficult not to get carried away by the motivational change programme. Not only will Suzie encourage frank and honest opinion, but she also backs up her comments with evidence. I believe this programme has made a considerable contribution to the positive attitude throughout the company and in particular IS&S.

Nicky McClure

I was lucky enough to attend one of the series of Life Mapping Programmes that Suzie ran for us. The programme used her own innovative take on a traditional counselling framework and was the most effective learning environment of its type I have ever experienced. Over the course of the programme, I learned to identify key personality traits in myself and others, and I still refer to the materials from the programme today.

Kerrie Fisher

I just wanted to say thanks for a really great day on the Winner’s Secret course. One of the best courses I’ve been on (and I’ve been on many) and the only nodding off was that instigated on purpose by Suzie!

Rachel Richardson
Group Head of Human Resources
SportingBet PLC

After our first meeting, I'm already feeling a foot taller. Amazing!

Samantha Marshall
Software Engineer
Graduate Prospects

I feel a totally different person to that of fifteen weeks ago. Who would have thought by having a bit of determination, using some simple relaxation techniques and spending time on myself for once, that there would be such a dramatic change in both my physical and mental wellbeing. It really is a powerful tool and I’ve got it for keeps for the rest of my life.

Javier Del Aguila
International Business Manager
SportingBet PLC

Thank you very much for all you have done for me so far. Without your help and guidance I would not have accomplish anything. I really enjoy our coaching meetings as it is always very refreshing to have an outsider to help put things into perspective.