Investigating personal and business change

Why You Must Maximise Both Personal and Team Potential…

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela

Creating business change is most effectively achieved by first helping individuals to understand themselves better—which enables them to discover those areas they need to improve in order to enhance their own life experience, and then bringing the individuals together to work together on their effectiveness as a team.

The group sessions investigate the different ways individuals view change by exploring the attitudes and concepts underlying personal reactions towards the changing face of the 21st century. Tools, techniques and practical exercises designed to hone personal understanding of change are introduced. The process starts by exploring the natural suspicions generated by human responses to personal change, so delegates are able to:

  • Build a personal strategy to cope with changes within the group dynamic;
  • Clarify personal concerns and improve communication skills—with self and others;
  • Understand how the “Bright Side” of personality influences their behaviour and the behaviour of others;
  • Become aware of how the “Dark Side” can potentially derail them from successfully negotiating change;
  • Learn to build positive outcomes from previous set-backs—personally and as a group;
  • Help build a co-coaching culture where advice is both given and accepted as helpful rather than interfering.