The Keys to Personal Change

A new, improved you

The trick is in what one emphasizes. We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves happy. The amount of work is the same.

Carlos Castaneda

Absolute Personal Freedom—Imagine How Good It Would Feel

All change has to start from within, and Hogan Assessments hold the key to determining the blueprint upon which the individual runs his or her life.

By answering a series of Hogan questionnaires, individuals are invited to explore their carefully crafted “Self Concept”. Discovering why you do what you do—and how your attitude affects your life experience is an invaluable asset if you’re exploring your future career potential or even if you need to perform a full lifestyle autopsy…

Utilising Hogan assessments the self concept is revealed to you in full, living Technicolor. Firstly, you’ll learn about your Bright Side, your everyday style, the you that you are most familiar with. Secondly, you’ll get to explore the Inside, which enables you to look deeply into your drives, motivators and preferred values. And finally, your Dark Side will be revealed—which is the you that you really don’t want to know. It’s the you under stress, that behaves badly when least expected; the way you behave when you feel attacked, under pressure or backed into a corner. All three layers make up your Self Concept.

This is your base note. And it’s created by you.

Unravelling your view of reality is the most exciting journey you’ll ever experience. Imagine looking at your own creation with objectivity and clear understanding. How would it feel to unpack the layers and evaluate which attitudes, values, and fears to set aside and which to strengthen, develop and polish as you reconstruct a new, improved version.

Sometimes shocking, always fascinating—the quest to create the magical image is addictive and has the most satisfying end product. No more surprises. No more running on scripts and actions programmed long ago into your subconscious autopilot—instead, you’ll be creating a new self-concept and moving towards being in complete control of your every action and reaction.

Absolute freedom. Imagine how it would feel.