The Keys to Business Change

It begins with the individual

Organisational Change Starts With The Individual

Facing change is a natural hazard of the working environment in the 21st Century. If we should now begin to consider it “condition normal” why do we still insist upon fighting it? An organisation will successfully survive change only if it is made up of individuals who really want to change with it. The process of organisational change begins with the individual. Every cog in the machine must want to shine. And the common purpose is winning.

Every human being has the right to be extraordinary—to think like a winner—and this is where the process starts.

The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering the attitude of his mind.

William James (1842–1910)

Corporate Alchemists

The past eighteen years have been spent coaxing creativity and differentness in thinking strategies out of some of the most dedicated fixed-thinkers of our generation. Experience has found KCT coaches and personal trainers working at the cutting edge of dysfunctional teams, chaotic departments and dysphoric organisations across the UK.

This work has been instrumental in KCT building a solid reputation as “Corporate Alchemists”, turning the most solid interpersonal base-metal into pure gold.

As corporate alchemists, Key Change Training focuses on creativity and new thinking strategies. Working with teams and individuals, our challenging and dynamic programmes create gifted leaders and motivated employees who have the skills they need to make a significant contribution to business performance.

Our specialities include:

  • Opening closed minds—by challenging (and infuriating) complacency and apathy;
  • Improving company culture—by introducing non-rocket-science clarity into team chaos;
  • Giving full permission to change—by instigating a search and retrieval service for deeply buried purpose;
  • Freeing fixed opinions—by building a powerful image of who each individual wants to become and inspiring them to become it;
  • Building visions—of the individual, the team and the entire organisation.

Every organisation faces change as it grows—but unfortunately, as all too many companies have found to their cost, change creates high levels of dissatisfaction and loss of direction for employees.

The only way an organisation can both survive and thrive is if every employee is provided with the tools they need to face and embrace change.

The process of organisational change has to begin with the individual. It’s only when every employee both understands and shares the common purpose that an organisation’s future is secure.

Every human being has the right to be extraordinary—to think like a winner—and recognising this provides the platform from which to launch successful organisational change.

Attitude—a conscious choice or running on neutral?

Attitude is the single driver that runs within every individual. Some positive, some not, but each individual attitude has been honed by subjective personal experience. Every individual has an entirely personal remit of motivation, core values and personal preferences. So if leaders depend upon the flexibility and open-mindedness of their staff for the forward movement of the organisation, why does it come as a surprise when change is met by opposition?

Faced with an ever-changing commercial landscape, leaders in the 21st century are being expected to rise to a far more exacting challenge than ever before. They must be able to provide an open channel of positive focus to all around them—a solid route upon which the organisation can move forward. They must develop in their teams a shared attitude of trust, purpose and positive belief. In short, all leaders must be able to help realign individual attitude, values and preferences to match those of the organisation.

The programmes developed by KCT are designed to unpick and study individual attitude. Only then can the individuals making up the organisation be given the choice to replace outworn or fixed mental programming they’ve been running on with consciously chosen newly formed attitudes and ideas. By introducing a combination of one-day workshops, one-to-one and team coaching as part of the fabric of both management and team structure, the concept of openness, mediation and co-operation evolves as part of the changing face of the organisation. Individuals who feel connected to, and involved with, the changes as they are happening have been proved to be fully engaged with their work and committed to the shaping of their own future and the future of the organisation.

The International Coaching Federation’s definition of corporate coaching:

“Corporate coaching is a process for equipping individuals and teams with the tools, knowledge and opportunities they need to be creatively productive and effective in their commitment to themselves, their organisations and their work. Coaching involves a collaborative partnership between a coach and a person within the organisation who is willing and ready to engage in deep personal work to develop his or her full potential for the realisation of personal and organisational business results.”