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It begins with the individual

They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.

Andy Warhol

The Winner’s Secret: Motivational Coaching

If you ask anybody the question, “What is your purpose?” you are likely to receive a quizzical look, a shrug of the shoulders and an embarrassed excuse claiming that the individual doesn’t quite understand the question. It appears to be too huge to answer. Even when the question has been given a great deal of thought, it’s still too deep, too profound to be answered simply.

Exploring this concept is one aspect of motivational coaching. It is The Winner’s Secret.

Most individuals don’t know how they have got to where they are today, why they are at the point they have reached, or how to get to the next part of their life without too many problems along the way. Life has been unplanned. Achievement has been unintentional. And there is an absurd underlying feeling of lack of personal control. If you haven’t been in absolute control of your life up until this moment, who has?

The second aspect of motivational coaching is to explore what the individual wants—the desire principle which is behind everything we do, even if we don’t realise it. Generally, individuals go through the motions of their life without paying it the attention it deserves. They’re on “auto-pilot”, never taking into account the complexity of the human condition and the incredible and unique abilities that each one of us might possess. How much do we take for granted? How complacent have we become? How often do we feel boredom? Despondency? Unhappiness with our lot?

As human beings, we should be living in a constant state of amazement; in absolute wonder at the achievements already undergone by human potential and how far we have yet to travel. We should be living with intention, pushing ourselves to get the maximum from our individual potential. Achievement of personal goals (no matter how small in the grand scheme of things) should be the natural driving force of every human being. Instead, many of us allow ourselves to be swept along by circumstances—responding to external stimulus instead of creating one’s own. Many live by the modern anthem of “what’s the point?” or even worse, “Why bother?” Our emotional wellbeing responds to the dominant voices all around us. So what do we do if that voice is negative, rather than positive?

To guide the individual towards being in a constant state of fascination with their life is the role of the motivational coach. To help uncover, acknowledge and exploit the individual’s winning potential. Motivation comes from within. Every human being has potential. And it is motivational coaching which helps uncover it and to place the control firmly in the hands of the individual being coached.

Exploring who we are is the first step. Uncovering what is holding us back is the second. To develop and then live by the principles of our individual purpose is the final step towards living with intention. Becoming directed by the goals of that purpose gives us the keys to fulfilling our own potential.

Individuals undergoing Max Focus coaching are invited to complete the Hogan suite of psychometric instruments: the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI), The Motives Values and Preferences Inventory (MVPI) and the Hogan Development Survey (more commonly known as the Dark Side Inventory). The combination of these instruments allows confidential and in-depth exploration of the “bright side” and “dark side” of the individual, including a whistle-stop tour of inner drives and preferences—the “inside” view of change, exploring the attitudes and concepts underlying personal actions and reactions.

Core Principles: Winner’s Secret Motivational Coaching

  • To explore the self-concept—getting to the roots of who I am, utilising Hogan’s Bright Side, Dark Side and Inside of Personality.
  • To discover how we use fears, self-sabotage and choice.
  • To understand the formation of attitude, emotions and personality.
  • To learn to differentiate between what I think of me and what you think of me—not always the same concept.
  • To become self-aware and aware of others—Emotional Intelligence.
  • To understand self regard and the importance of high regard for others.
  • My purpose—self motivational coaching.

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