The Keys to Personal Change

A new, improved you

There's only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self.

Aldous Huxley

Individual and Group Motivational Change Coaching—Maximising Personal Potential…

Attitude evolves without us noticing. It develops as we experience everyday life. In turn, our attitude shapes the self-image we create and the self-image helps us interact with what’s going on in our lives without having to assess every piece of incoming information from scratch. We base all of our behaviour upon this self-image.

Your self-image helps you make sense of who you think you are, what you perceive your role to be in your working and personal life and what you feel you need to make you happy.

Maximum Focus Coaching is a holistic approach which provides the individual with an in-depth personal inventory of the building blocks which go to make up your carefully crafted self-image—your attitude, your personality, character and expected behaviour patterns. Every strength and weakness is explored; everything that motivates and drives you; your preferences, values and capabilities—to help build what and who you want to become in both your working and private lives.

Your self-image isn’t set in stone—you can easily change what you don’t need any more and work on the more useful attributes. Once you’re fully aware of what your natural capabilities are, it’s much easier to map the direction you want your life to take by matching your strengths to your chosen career path and lifestyle.

At Key Change Training, we work with you as a whole person—our approach is holistic because we know that individuals are not only the sum total of their achievements, academic or otherwise. There are many other elements that make you an individual. Which direction does your natural orientation want to take you? Do you have natural leadership qualities or are you more likely to be happy as an integral part of a team? Do you have the precision and patience to focus your attention on the smallest detail or would you prefer to brainstorm the bigger picture?