The Keys to Personal Change

A new, improved you

Use The Power of Self-Knowledge to Formulate the Career of Your Dreams

When it comes to finding yourself the perfect career, it’s absolutely essential that you know how to market yourself in a way that’s going to be attractive to prospective employers.

At Key Change Training, we specialise in “career marketing”.

Seeing yourself as others see you—and knowing how to use the kind of language to describe yourself in the terms that will most appeal to those people in charge of recruiting is an art—and it’s hard to get it right without someone else to help you. Maybe it’s a human tendency to be overly modest—but when it comes to forging the career of your dreams, modesty needs to be exchanged for quiet self-assurance.

And it’s not just about putting together an attractive and appealing CV—although that’s a great place to begin. With your career needs in mind you will be given access to the insight provided by a Hogan Psychometric evaluation—which means that you can create a sensitive and accurate value proposition for potential employers. We’re also able to give advice when it comes to interview techniques and how to present yourself in the best light to a recruitment panel.

We offer:

Progressive career testing—Using the Hogan suite of psychometric instruments, we help you unearth natural talents and identify core values and passions—which are the keys to a fulfilling career and lifestyle.

Customised career coaching—Working with a powerful combination of Hogan and Emotional Intelligence psychometric testing, we can support and guide you through both your career and personal development.

Group coaching programmes—We can provide both individual and group support from motivational coaches who understand the needs of both recruitment and outplacement.

Professional career coaches—Providing you with access to the combined experience of many years in motivational, life-change and executive coaching; career start-up and career re-start coaching; business set-up coaching and advice; stress and well being management; assertiveness coaching.